"I was fortunate to come across the Egoscue Method in 1992, during my eleven year professional tennis career on the WTA Tour. I can honestly say with 100% certainty that I would not have been able to compete at that level for 11 years, without a single surgery, had it not been for the Egoscue Method. 
In 1992 I had a serious back injury and was told that I needed surgery and would be off the Tour for 4-6 months. A fellow competitor on the WTA Tour recommended that I try the Egoscue Method first, before any surgery. I am so grateful that I gave it a try since I was back on the courts in 2 weeks and competing in 6 weeks.
      Over the course of my career I had overuse injuries with plantar fasciitis, low back pain and tendonitis in my right wrist. The Egoscue Method taught me how they were all connected with my spinal posture. This knowledge enabled me to prevent any injuries that would cause me to miss time competing. I was diligent in doing my menus to stay in alignment and stay on the courts.
      I wholeheartedly recommend and believe in the postural alignment therapy and in Ginger’s ability to see any deviation from your optimum alignment!"
Marianne Werdel
Formerly ranked #21in the world on the WTA tour, 11 year veteran
All-American Stanford University

"With age and activity I acquired a severe case of Plantar Fasciitis. Icing and stretching helped, but when I got active again it always came back.
Very frustrating!

Working with Ginger on the right stretching technique did the job in no time. Ginger knows what she is doing, and is a pleasure to work with. If you are suffering, do not keep doing what is not working.” Randy 53 years old.

"My range of motion on my serve is so much better - you rock. The team commented that I looked like a new player . My recovery time is excellent." Jennifer 41 years old.

" My golf swing is golden. I can now transfer my weight properly." Michael 46 years old.

" You gave me my life back, I can get back on the links ! Thanks Ginger " Jimmy 51 years old.

“ I could not garden, getting out of the car was tough. I had difficulty just sitting and standing up in Church. I was poised to have an operation. After working with Ginger religiously for a month, doing my menus and stretching, my pain subsided You saved my life. I would highly recommed Ginger.“ Norma 73 years old.     
"As an Active Duty Marine Corps Officer, I have a long history of sports medicine injuries. I have also had exposure to world class coaches and instructors at Quantico, Virginia and top-tier medical care at Walter Reed / Bethesda. 
I had never experienced the intersection of an elite athlete and top shelf wellness/performance coaching until I was trained by Coach Ginger. 

I retained her services in conjunction with Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy and I can say without hesitation that she was the most important part of my road to recovery. She has my absolute highest recommendation ! " October 2015 
Aaron J. Brooks
Marine Corps Officer, Nonprofit Leader & MBA Candidate
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