My Story
- 9 years on the WTA pro tennis circuit.
- Wimbledon, French, Australian fourth round, US Open  fourth round and  quarter finalist.
- Achieved a career high ranking of #29 in the world.
- Inductee in Pepperdine Hall of Fame.
- Certified Egoscue Therapist.
While playing tennis for Pepperdine University, I suffered for 2 years with Plantar Fasciitis, a painful foot/heel condition.  After doing Pete Egoscue’s  specifically tailored menus,  my painful symptoms were relieved.  I would never have had the longevity of a grueling pro career had it not been for Pete Egosque.
 Limiting  your favorite activities and turning  to ice and anti-inflammatory to mask the pain, is not the answer.  Its self empowering to do exercises on your own that treat the dysfunction. This will allow for lasting shifts in the body. The muscles and nerves are the boss of the body; they tell the bones what to do. Contact me to get your own personal program.
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